Review Qubes for Life Science

Review Qubes for Life Science

Are you looking for a new way to engage your students?

Well, get ready to roll with Review Qubes! These adorable little paper dice will present your students with up to 72 different ways to demonstrate their understanding. And, since they’re fun to make and even more fun to play with, they’re a lot less threatening that “real” work.

Life Science Review Qubes

Don’t get me wrong, Review Qubes are lots of fun, but they also incorporate some serious research-based strategies.

Here are a few of the ways your students will learn using Review Qubes:

  • collaborating with peers
  • sequencing
  • drawing and labeling
  • brainstorming
  • discussing key terms in multiple contexts
  • relating concepts
  • connecting ideas
  • illustrating a process
  • listing examples
  • constructing definitions
  • classifying and sorting

How do Review Qubes work?

Students follow instructions to fold simple templates into cubes. Then they use these paper dice to play a review game. The game can be used by groups of any size, from pairs of students all the way up to an entire class divided into teams.

The basic idea is to roll the “Do Qube” and one “Concept Qube” in each turn. The “Do Qube” tells the student what they need to do to show their understanding of the concept on the “Concept Qube”.

  • DRAW – Draw any image related to the concept and add labels if you can
  • LIST – List 2 or more related concepts, parts, or examples
  • DESCRIBE – Use an adjective or another key term to describe a characteristic or detail
  • DEFINE – Give a definition, preferably in your own words
  • QUESTION – Pose a question to your group members and be prepared to let them know if they’re correct
  • WILD CARD – Choose any of the ways listed above to demonstrate understanding of the concept

Students record their answers on the student answer sheet, group members vote on whether or not the answer meets the criteria, and the student with the most correct answers at the end of the game WINS!

Each REVIEW QUBES Game Comes With:

  1. Teacher’s Guide
  2. Review Qubes: 1 “Do Qube” and 2 “Concept Qubes
  3. Printable Student Instructions
  4. Sample Answer Keys for each Qube (student answers will vary) and student answer sheets
  5. Blank template in PowerPoint format so you can make your own Review Qubes

There are 20 Review Qubes sets for middle school Life Science that can each be purchased separately OR you can SAVE with the Life Science Review Qubes Bundle!

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And, if you’re looking for Review Qubes for high school Biology, I have a bundle of those, too!

review qubes for biology

Happy Teaching!

Carla Carla Brooks is the owner and curriculum designer of Science Island Curriculum which specializes in creating engaging and effective curriculum for Biology and Anatomy & Physiology