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Aloha and welcome to my blog! Blogging is a new adventure for me and I’m not a writer, so this will be interesting. I’m planning to talk about teaching high school science and sharing some of the lessons and resources I’ve created over the last 20 years. I’ve taught Biology, Human Anatomy & Physiology, Physical Science, Earth Science and Ecology to students in grades 9-12. And, I have served as a mentor teacher to five student teachers.

You will see a lot of references to Hawaii on this blog and in my Science Island store on Teachers Pay Teachers because I lived and taught school there for 14 years. Hawaii is a very special place and my husband and I consider our time there as one of the greatest blessings in our lives. We also brought two special blessings back to the mainland with us – our daughter and son!

I LOVE science, especially life science. Actually, probably what I really love is life. To me, everything about nature and living things is like a huge arrow pointing to God. It almost feels like He’s saying, “Look what I made!” This is why Hawaii was so special to me. I saw God’s hand in everything there – the waves, stars, whales, turtles, mountains, waterfalls, volcanoes, flowers, and the list goes on and on.

So, that’s a little about me. I hope you’ll come back to visit and see what’s happening on “The Island”.


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