Vertebrates Videos: Using Narrated PowerPoint Videos in Biology

Vertebrates Videos: Using Narrated PowerPoint Videos in Biology

Using Videos in the Biology Classroom

Whether you’re flipping your classroom or not, using videos is an effective instructional strategy for teaching Biology. Let’s face it, your students are going to need you more for some subjects than others. The details of meiosis will probably need to be explained by you a few times and in a few different ways. However, most students readily connect to the subject of animals and quickly learn the vocabulary, characteristics, and examples of each Class.

So, my first Biology video is “Vertebrates” because it’s the perfect topic to test the waters for those of you who are thinking about incorporating online video content.

vertebrates powerpoint

I’ve recently started the process of creating narrated PowerPoint videos for all of my Biology chapters. These videos are perfect for the flipped classroom where students learn the basic content on their own at home. But, they can also be used for enrichment in a life science classroom or remediation in a Biology classroom. When students are absent and miss a lecture or discussion, these videos work well as make-up assignments.

The best thing about these new videos is they are FREE! They’re included at no additional cost with selected PowerPoint and Notes products by Science Island.

In the Vertebrates product, the information is chunked into 3 sections:

1. Vertebrates, Part I (10:11): Introduction, Fish
2. Vertebrates, Part II (8:54): Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds
3. Vertebrates, Part III (9:13): Mammals

The videos follow along exactly with the PowerPoint so it’s easy to coordinate your lessons, either with or without lectures. And, as with all Biology products by Science Island, THREE versions of student notes are included for easy differentiation. Students can complete the notes at home as they watch the videos. Then, they’re ready to take the next steps towards content mastery when they return to class.

Take a look at this fun trailer which gives you a glimpse into the Vertebrates narrated PowerPoint: Movie ClapVERTEBRATES






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Have you used online video content in your Biology classroom?